This list is compiled from the POW records, where there may be further information.
Note: the spelling can be rather strange.
1229 Barmingham Nicholas ord. Seaman
1228 Bell Thomas ord. Seaman
1230 Byrne Daniel Private
2461 Canday James Landsman
2460 Carson Joshua Capt. Forecastle
2459 Chambers Thomas 1st Lt.
2462 Clements Thomas Seaman
2463 Crawford Lawrence Servant
5194 Gurarty William Private
6040 Horne Thomas Seaman
6944 Johns Richard Master
7858 Luringston? David Seaman
9159 Marsh Thomas Sergeant
9157 Mason Furguson Qtr. Master
9158 Mitchell Thomas Boy 3rd class
12718 Sheppard Richard ord Seaman
12719 Stupo Alexander ord Seaman
13650 Tole Robert Seaman
14614 Wallace James ord seaman
14613 Walter Joseph Seaman
14617 Watkins William Private
14616 Watley John Private
14611 Williams Thomas Capt. fore castle
14615 Williams William Boy 2nd class
14612 Williamson John Carp. Crew
14618 Wyley William Corporal
14610 Wylie Adam P Servant