Noah Brown 1770-?

Noah brown was born at "Salem" county, northern New York, and raised in Stamford, Delaware County.
He and his three brothers survived capture by Indians, who killed his father in 1780. Trained as a house carpenter from 1785 to 1792. Brown worked in New York until 1804. After he and his brother Adam built a North West Company schooner, the Work, at Newark, Upper Canada, in 1804, Noah was employed at Forman Cheesman Yard in New York. Next spring, the brothers built a whale ship at Sag Harbour, Long Island, and in 1807 worked at George Peek's shipyard. The two cut live oak in North Carolina for the frigate New York from 1807 to 1808, built five navy gunboats in 1809, repaired the Brooklyn, and built the privateers, General Armstrong, Paul Jones, Prince De Neufchatel, Warrior, Yorktown, and Zebra at New York from 1812 to 1814.
In January 1813, when Commodore Isaac Chauncey hired Henry Eckford to build lake vessels, he appointed Noah to work with Daniel Dobbins at Erie, Pennsylvania. From late February to June 1813, Brown finished three gunboats, a despatch schooner, and Perry's brigs Lawrence and Niagara. Noah and Adam built the US sloop Peacock at Corlears Hook, New York, from July through September 1813. By March 1814, they were working for master Commandant Thomas Macdonough on Lake Champlain, building the ship Saratoga, 26 guns, and nine gunboats and converting the steamer Vicennes into Ticonderoga, 17 guns. In June, they commenced the brig Eagle, 18 guns, launched August 11. They returned to New York to build Robert Fulton's Demologus and his torpedo-boat Mute. They next worked with Eckford on two 120 gun ships at Sacket's and Henderson's Harbours.
After the war, Noah was elected assistant alderman of new York's Tenth Ward in 1815 and 1816 as a Republican. He ceased shipbuilding in 1833 after completing the ferry-boat Sussex.

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