High Court of Admiralty HCA32/1342

Public Record Office


The following list is taken from a manuscript copy of the Muster Roll of the Prince of Neufchatel; some of the names, there are 113, were uncertain, please contact me if you are interested in further details.

Muster roll of Prince of Neufchatel
Surname Firstname
Station Place of Birth Residence
Adams, Samuel, Ordinary seaman, Wiscasset, Wiscasset
Alexander, James, Able seaman HarpswellHarpswell
Avas, Samuel2 Boatswains mateBostonBoston
Bacon JamesAble seamanBarnstableBarnstable
Ball StephenAble seamanWashington ncWashington
Bangs George K.3rd Lt.BostonBoston
Barker ThomasAble seamanBostonBoston
Barrett ThomasAble seamanVirginiaVirgina
Berney EbenezerMarineMedford?Medford?
Berry JosephQuarter-masterBarnstableBarnstable
Black WilliamCarpenters mateBostonBoston
Blake EbeneezerSrgt. of marinesBostonBoston
Boylston Zabdiel5th Lt.SpringfieldSpringfield
Brunchstead JohnAble seamanBeverlyBeverly
Burnham AbrahamDoctorBostonBoston
Caines WilliamPrize MasterSalemSalem
Carlson Christian Able Seaman NorwayBoston
Churchill Jos. Prize Master Plymouth Plymouth
Clap George MarineDorchesterDorchester
Clowes PhilipAble seaman Boston Boston
Cobb Josiah MarineBostonBoston
Colby? Benjamin Quarter-master WakefieldGloucester
Condon? Samuel Marine Boston Boston
Constant William Able seaman Boston Boston
Curvenet Joseph Able seaman Genoa Boston
David James Marine Boston Boston
Davies William Quarter-master Duxbury Duxbury
Davis Frederick Marine Boston Boston
Deistel John Quarter-master Duxbury Duxbury
Dernduff John Able seaman Russia Boston
Dickson Richard Able seaman Boston Boston
Dillaway John Boy Boston Boston
Dillaway Samuel Ordinary seaman Boston Boston
Dodge Daniel Able seaman Wiscapet Wiscapet
Doggett James Gunners mate Holmes ? Holmes ?
Don Ebeneezer Prize Master Hallowell Hallowell
Downes jnr Jesse Marine Boston Boston
Dunklee Jesse Ordinary seaman Boston Boston
Farr William Ordinary seaman Boston Boston
Fernandez George Able seaman France France
Field Charles Ordinary seaman Boston Boston
Friend Joseph Cooks mate New Orleans New Orleans
Ganzlar John Able seaman Boston Boston
Gardner Andrew Drummer Boston Boston
Giddings John Marine Roxbury Roxbury
Glover William Prize Master Boston Boston
Goodall Joseph Able seaman France France
Greenlaw James 4th Lt. Virginia Virginia
Grovir Nathanial Marine Lexington Lexington
Gurney John Boy Charleston Charleston
Harkell? Luther Marine Boston Templeton
Harrison George Boy Boston Boston
Hartshorne Jeremiah Armorer Newbury Port Newbury Port
Hayward Samuel Ordinary seaman Cohasset Cohasset
Healy Samuel Ordinary seaman Boston Boston
Holmes Samuel Able seaman Plymouth Plymouth
Hopping William Marine Roxbury Roxbury
Horense Manuel Able seaman Spain Boston
Hosea Richard Carpenter Boston Boston
Howes Caleb Ordinary seaman Boston Boston
Hull John Marine Methuen Methuen
Jackson Ebenezer Boy Charleston Charleston
Johnson Peter Able seaman Boston Boston
Jones Edward Marine Roxbury Roxbury
Jose Antonio Ordinary seaman Portugal Boston
Keith James Able seaman Warren Warren
King Seth Able seaman Boston Boston
Laban John Ordinary seaman Welly Welly
Lamb Josh. L Marine Boston Boston
Leighton John Able seaman Rowley Rowley
Lenark Thomas Able seaman France Boston
Lewis Jesse L. Marine Lynn Lynn
Lopes Manuel Able seaman Spain Boston
Loring? Caleb G. Marine Boston Boston
Lyon John Lt. of Marines Virginia Virginia
Martin John Able seaman New Orleans New Orleans
Martin John 2nd Lieutenatnt Boston Boston
May John Able seaman Boston Boston
Millin John Prize Master Luninburgh Boston
Millin Nicholas Commander
Monappole George Stewards mate Candia Boston
Moore Josh. Marine Portsmouth Portsmouth
Moore Mairen Fifer Sudbury Sudbury
Nash Alexander Gunner/Boatswain Abington Abington
Nelson David Ordinary seaman Boston Boston
Newcome Jon. Able seaman Dorchester Dorchester
Newell Joseph Boy Boston Boston
Newhall John B.L. Marine Lynn Lynn
Newhall Joseph Ordinary seaman Charleston Charleston
Newhall John Steward/1st Boatswains mate Charleston Charleston
Nowband Thomas Able Seaman Marblehead Marblehead
O'Neil Jos. Able seaman Methuen Methuen
Obry Maturin Able seaman New Orleans New Orleans
Orcutt Hosea Ordinary seaman Cohasset Cohasset
Patterson David Ordinary seaman Edgecomb Edgecomb
Pearson William Marine Boston Boston
Penni?n?? Otis Marine Charleston Charleston
Peyton Jos. Prize Master Charleston Charleston
Pratt David Able seaman Boston Boston
Pushard George Able seaman Dresden Dresden
Ramon John Cook New Orleans ?
Ramus Audrip D. Able seaman Spain Boston
Rand Charles Ordinary seaman Boston Boston
Rand Jon. Marine Boston Boston
Rand Thomas Marine Boston Boston
Savo John Able seaman Portugal Boston
Seavitt Caleb Ordinary seaman Boston Boston
Sholes Philip Ordinary seaman Boston Boston
Sinclair Thomas Prize Master Boston Boston
Smith John Able seaman Sweden Boston
Snow Daniel Marine Lynn Lynn
Spero Demetrio Able seaman Constantiople Boston
Spiller Moses Prize Master Salem Salem
Stetson William 1st Lieutenant Boston Boston
Stewart John Jervis Ordinary seaman Roxbury Roxbury
Studley Manin Corporal Boston Boston
Tarbox Samuel Marine Lynn Lynn
Thomas Theo. Able seaman France France
Tremire James Ordinary seaman Boston Boston
Truman Samuel Marine Boston Boston
Wederburg Alexander Able seaman Sweden Boston
Wells Benjamin Sailmaker Boston Boston
Welsh John A. Prize Master Boston Boston
Wentworth jnr. John Marine Boston Boston
Withington jnr Samuel Able seaman Dorchester Dorchester
Withington James Boy Charleston Charleston
Woods Charles Able seaman Philadelphia Philadelphia
Wright Joseph Able seaman New York New York
Yarvis Pitro Ordinary seaman New Orleans New Orleans