Head money

Head money

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Lloyd's List

London Gazette
21 June 1814
Hawk of Washington
26th April 1814 by HMS La Pique


The deposition in preparatory of
William Henry Tripe, Captain, William
Buckley, Lt. Ashael, Joseph Knenlton,
Surgeon, late on board the American
Privateer schooner Hawke Tripe
Master, in several capacities
of captain, Lt. and surgeon
Which said schooner Hawke, was seized, and taken
possession of as Prize, on the high seas, by His Majesty’s
Ship of War La Pique, Honourable Anthony Maitland
Commander and brought to Barbados~

These deponents being duly sworn upon the Holy Evangelists of
Almighty God, depose and say, that they are present
Prisoners of war, in this Island, but that they
Severally, belonged to the American Privateer Schooner
Hawke, Tripe, Master, in the several Capacities of
Captain, Lieutenant and Surgeon that the said
Schooner, belonged, to and was the property of sundry
Persons, who reside in the town of Washington in the
United States of America , American Citizens that the
said Schooner, now fitted out at the said port of
Washington as privateer, to cruise, against and to
take Capture and destroy the vessels, and effects of
the subjects of His Britannick Majesty, that the said
schooner being on a cruise, for this purpose was on
the, 26 th day of April 1814 in Lat.20 Long 67 sized
as prize on the High seas, by H.M frigate La Pique


under Command of the Honourable Anthony Maitland
and sent into Carlisle Bay, Barbados, where
she now lies at anchor, and the deponents
further say that at the time of Capture the
said schooner, there were on board her fifty eight
men including officers.

In testimony of the truth
hereof, they have, severally set their
Hands at Bridgetown, in the said Island this
3rd day of June, in the year of our Lord 1814

William Henry Tripe, Captain

William Buckley, Lieutenant

Ashael Joseph. Knenlston, Surgeon