Head money

Head money

Lloyd's List
3rd of November 18 by HMS Arab

Halifax Nova Scotia
Court of Vice Admiralty

The American private ship of war Industry, Thomas Rice Jnr. Commander.

Before the Honourable Sampson Salter Blowus Esq., Chief Justice of His Majesty’s Supreme Court at Halifax.

Personally came Thomas Rice Jnr. Captain or Commander of the American private ship of war Industry together with Israel Eaton, Lieutenant, and Lewis Russell, a Prize master of the same ship, who being severally duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God did severally depose and say, as follows. Towit That he the said Thomas Rice Jnr. at the time of the capture was the Captain or Commander of the said private ship of war Industry, and that the said Israel Eaton at the time of the capture was the Lieutenant serving on board the same ship, and that he the said Lewis Russell was the Prize master, serving on board the same vessel.

And the deponents further say that the said ship or vessel the Industry was duly and regularly commissioned by the government of the United States of America, and outfitted in all respects as a private ship of war at Marble Head in the said

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United States , mounting three carriage guns four pounders and two swivels, with small arms and all other weapons suitable for a vessel of war of that description, having on board a proper quantity of ball, gun powder, and all other necessary ammunition.

And the said ship so commissioned and fitted for war on the high seas, off Sambro Light House, under the command of the said Thomas Price Jnr. she was met with, on the third day of November instant, in the year of our Lord 1813 by the British sloop of war Arab, Robert Handly Esq., Commander and on the same day captured, and seized as Prize, and brought into the port of Halifax.

And the deponents further say that at the time of the capture and surrender aforesaid, there were actually alive and serving on board said private ship of war Industry. Twenty six men including officers and ever description of persons on board the said vessel.

Sworn at Halifax in
Nova Scotia the 9 th November 1813
Before H Blowirs
Chief Justice

Thos. Rice jnr.
Israel Eaton
Lewis Russell

The crew listed below is taken from American Prisoners of war: held at Halifax during War of 1812.
By Harrison Scott Baker.

Note that some names appear twice – this may indicate that they escaped and were re-captured and given a new prisoner number.

Baker gives more information, for an example - the main nentry for Samuel Tucker has:-

Tucker, Samuel Prisoner 4467. Rank: Master. From: Industry, Privateer

Captured: O3 Nov 1813 Off Cape Sambro by HMS Arab Interned: 09 Nov 1813 Discharged:09 Nov 1813. Received from HMS Arab for England per order of Adml Sir J B Warren.

I notice that though the crew listing at the back of the volume only has one Samuel Tucker the main body listing gives two, the second has identical information apart from the prisoner number which is 4600.

Tucker was sent to England and we find him at Dartmoor top of page 38.



Bartall, William Ingals, John
Blair, Robert Ingals, John
Buridge, Robert Jarvis, Thomas
Burrell, Jesse Lakey, Benjamin
Burridge, Robert Laskey, Benjamin
Bush, Thomas Melton, George
Bussell, Jesse Mere, Elijah
Cheslie, Amos Morris, Jacob
Clair, John Northrup, James
Dawson, William Rice, Thomas
Dellen, Jurnd Robes, Edward
Dullavier, James Ross, David
Dullavin, James Russel, Lewis
Eaton, Israel Simmonds, George
Edwards, Nicholas Simonds, George
Ellis, John Snow, James
Francis, Abraham Stacey, John
Fulton, James Tilton, James
Glover, John Tucker, Samuel
Gowaller, John
Greeves, Whitney
Gunner, Nicholas