Letters to or from prisoners in the UK along with birth certificates or other confirmation material.


Josia Taylor in the city of Washington writing to his brother Henry Taylor a prisoner on the Prince at Chatham page 1 page 2.

Testimony by Thomas Taylor giving the history of his son Henry Taylor of being pressed out of the Laurel of Baltimore and now on the prison ship Crown at Chatham page 3 page 4


Testimony of Susannah Burrill of Boston concerning her son Royal Burril imprisoned at Chatham page 5


Testimony of William Babb of Barrington County, New Hampshire concerning hi son Benjamin Babb on board a prison ship in England.

Page 6


Indenture of John Howell by consent of his mother Margaret Flinnto apprenticeship as ship-wright to Benjamin Phillips, district of Southwark and county of Philadelphia. Page 7

Birth certificate for John Howell with mention of his being impressed from the Eclipse Page 8 and page 9

Description of John Howell page 10


Testimony by Catherine Burns, in the city of Philadelphia concerning her son George Burns imprisoned on the Nassau at Chatham. Page 11


Testimony of John Irwin, in Maryland, Baltimore, County of ? concerning his brother Andrew Irwin imprisoned on the Brunswick at Chatham. Page 12 and page 13 and page 14.


Letter from John Mead, held on HMS Namur, to his father asking after his family and a new protection his original being lost. Page 15 and page 16


Testimony given in Philadelphia concerning the birth and family of John Clay and his service on the US Philadelphia and is now imprisoned on the Sampson at Chatham page 17 and page 18

Birth certificate of John Mead in New York page 19


Of John Mead going to Calcutta on the Citizen, Captain Blakely and from thence to London where he was imprisoned. Page 20


Confirmation of birth certificate by Mayor of New York. page 21


Indenture of Jeffrey Connor son deceased Edward Connor and his mother

Susanna Connor to William Cook of the city of Richmond to the trade of Tinner. Page 22