Know all men by these presents that before me Alex=

=ander Cunningham His Britannick Majesty’s Deputy

Consul General for Brazil and its dependencies, personally

Appeared Charles Pearson first Lieutenant of His Majesty’s

Ship Phoebe, now Prize Master of the Essex, and this

Appeared voluntarily deposed upon solemn oath ac-

-tually taken on the Holy Evangelists that on the twenty

Eight day of March last 1814 about five miles from

Valparaiso in the Kingdom of Chili, they fell in with

And came to action with the American Frigate called

The Essex mounting forty four carriage guns manned

With about three hundred men and commanded by

David Porter, that the action continued an hour and

Fifty five minutes, that during the action she had Ame-

-rican colours flying under which she fought, that the

Essex having struck to His Majesty’s Ship Phoebe

She was boared and taken possession of, that at the

time of the engagement and when the said ship struck

and was taken possession of as aforesaid there was not

any ship of war in sight, save and except His Majesty’s

Ship Cherub, Thomas Tudor Tucker Esquire comman-

-der, that deponed was the Officier which took possession

Of the prize, and that all the papers and documents which

Were found on board her are these mentioned herein and

hereunto attached namely No.1 Log Book

Sworn before me at Rio de janeiro

The 5 th of August 1814


Charles Pearson 1 Lieutenant.