Head money

Revenge of Salem
4th December 1812 by HMS Paz

Court of Vice Admiralty

Halifax Nova Scotia


The American privateer Schooner Revenge, John Sinclair jnr. Captain


Before the Honourable Sampson Salter Blowers Esq. Chief justice of His Majesty’s Supreme Court in the Province of Nova Scotia. Personally came John Sinclair junior the captain and late commander of the said private armed schooner of war REVENGE together with David Walker, Lieutenant and James Trask, Sailing-master who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists severally depone and say, that he the said John Sinclair jnr. at the time of the capture was the Captain and Commanding Officer of the said private armed vessel of war and the said David Walker at the time of the Capture was the second Lieutenant serving onboard the same vessel and the said James Trask – was at the same time the sailing-master – serving onboard the same vessel.

And the deponents further say that on the eleventh day of November in this present year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve the said schooner Revenge was duly and regularly Commissioned at the city of Washington by the President of the United States of America as a private armed schooner of war and outfitted at Salem in the said United States in all respects as a

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Private armed schooner of war mounting three carriage guns whereof one is a twelve pounder and two four pounders, with small arms and all other weapons suitable for a vessel of war of that description and having a proper quantity of ball powder and all other necessary ammunition, and the said schooner REVENGE so commissioned and fitted for war being on the high seas under the command of the said John Sinclair jnr. she was met on the forth day of December last by the British armed schooner of war PAZ P.Dumerseq Esq. Commander and was on the same day captured and seized as prize by His Majesty’s said armed schooner of war and brought into the port of Halifax-

And the deponent further say that when the said schooner Revenge was first discovered by the said schooner of war and when she surrendered as prize as aforesaid there were onboard of the said schooner Revenge twenty-seven men including officers and every description of persons the serving onboard said schooner all of whom surrendered and were taken prisoners of war by His Majesty’s said schooner of war Paz.

Sworn before me the 19 th day

of January 1813


Chief Justice



John Sinclair jnr.

David Walker

James Trask


Niles Weekly Register Vol 3.

Page 224

Schooner Neptune, with a cargo of fish, salt and oil, taken by the Revenge of Salem, and sent into Cape Ann.


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Brig Bacchus, of Port Glasgow, in Ballast sent into Salem by the Revenge privateer.


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The privateer schooner Revenge, of 3 guns (one of them a 12 pounder) Cpt. Sinclair of this port, has been taken and carried into Halifax, after a brave resistance,. She was first attacked by a slop that went out, manned with about 100 volunteers, and carrying 6 guns, for the express purpose of taking her; she maintained a running fight of four housrs with the sloop, and finally beat he off. A three masted schooner of lugger, of 17 guns, was then sent out, which succeeded in taking the privateer, after a short contest. In the battle with the sloop the Revenge had one man (by the name of Warner) killed, and 3 wounded. It is reported the sloop had between 40 and 50 killed and wounded.


Niles Weekly Register Vol 5

Page 208


Salem Privateers
From the Essex Register
We have obtained from a correct source the following statement
of the privateers belonging to this port which have been captured
or lost since the war, with their actual cost. The number of privateers
captured, as well as their value, is greatly overated in the
A correct list of privateers from this port,
captured by the British, with their value.
Vessel Captain Guns $
Fair Trader Morgan 1 2,00
Regulator Mansfield 1 4,500
Active Patterson 2 2,00
Dolphin Endicott 3 6,000
Buckskin Bray 1 4,000
Revenge Sinclair 3 5,000
John Fairfield 16 20,000
Enterprize Morgan 4 24,000
Montgomery Strout 12 24,000
Alexander part owned
in Salem
16 18,000
Cossack Upton 1 5,000
boat, Owl Duncan 0 600
Wasp Erving 2 3,000
Growler Lindsay 5 16,000
Privateers castaway and lost
Dart Davis 2 2,000
Gallynipper Welham 2 2,500