John Philips Cranwell and William Bowers Crane, Men of Marque ( New York: W.W Norton & Company Inc, 1940), 371-401

Further reading:

Jerome R. Garitee The Republic’s Private Navy: the American privateering business as practiced by Baltimore during the War of 1812 (Connecticut: Wesleyan University Press, 1977)

This work is indispensible for the study of privateering during the War of 1812 – it greatly adds to the information given here, both in detail and explanation.


1812 TO 1815
The numbers following the tonnage figure indicate, in feet and inches, the dimensions respectively of each vessel's length, beam, and depth amidships as taken from the Custom House registry. Where these figures do not appear, the registries have not been found. The following abbreviations have been used throughout. Prizes:
A list of the prizes made by vessel is given and their dispositions where known. With each group of prizes will be found the name of the privateer's master at the time the vessels were captured.
Note: Dates are in the US. format month/day/ year.
B. Place built L. Lieutenant Pd. Pounder (of guns)
C. Captain Lic. American vessel with British license PO. Post Office packet
Car. Carronades LM. Letter of marque Schr. Schooner
Cmp. Taken when privateer was in company with another M. Men T. Tons
Com. Commissioned O. Owners US. American vessel previously taken by English, or one caught violating Nonimportation Act.
G. Guns P. Privateer  
ACTIVE LM. Schr. 117 T. 76.2, 19.10, 8.9, B: Balto. 1812. 11 M. 2--6pd car. C: Peter Coursell, L: Silvesta Lort, 0: John Faulec, Com. 1/2/13. C: Elisha Taylor, L: Bernard Clark, 0: Levi Hollingsworth, Amos A. Williams, & Lyde Good­ win, Com. 11/15/13, 3/21/14.
ADELINE LM. Schr. 232 T. 94.6, 24.10, 10.9, B: Phila. 1812, 35 M. 2-12 pds, 6—I2pd car. C: Benj. Craycroft, L: G. W. Tatem, 0: Isaac Lewis & Wm. Weaver, Com. 10/28/12. Although her letters of marque were issued in Baltimore, this vessel was wholly owned in Philadelphia and had no Baltimore connection.
AMELIA P. Schr. 143 T. 81, 21.11, 9.2, B: Balto. 1814. 68 M. I—I2pd, 2-9pd car. C: Alex. Adams, L: Wm. Cathell, 0: Peter Arnold Karthaus & Ferdinand Hurxthal, Com. 3/16/14.

  ( Adams)-17 Elizabeth brig, burnt
  Ann, brig, sent in Harmony, brig, cartel
  Ann, schr, cartel Jessie, brig, burnt
  Caroline, ketch, divested, freed Joan, brig, retaken
  Coaliers, brig, burnt Liddell, brig, cartel
  Commerce, brig, retaken Mary, schr, Phila. ( U.S.)
  Neptune, ship, New York Nancy , schr, sent in
  Pallas, brig, Boston Suzann, brig, cartel
  Polly, brig, New York Union , schr, sent in
AMERICA P. Schr. 213 T. 96, 23.10, 10.5, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1810, 110 M. 2 long 9s, 8-12pd car. 2-6pds, C: Joseph Richardson, L: Dan C. Sim, 0: John Gooding, Thos. Hutchins, Wm. T. Graham, Chas. Gwinn, Thos. Calwell, Benj. Ricaid, Geo. Beam, Geo. J. Brown, Wm. Hollins, Joseph Richardson, Dan C. Sim, John McFadon, & Zeb. Snow, Com. 7/18/12. LM. 19 M, 4-12pd car. 1 long 18, C: Dan C. Sim, L: Geo. Beam, 0: Blackstone & Sam Harris. Corn. 1/2/13. Cast away on Smith's Island 3/12/13 and lost.


  ( Richardson)-2 (Sim)—1
  Abdallah, schr, ransomed Alert, schr, sent in
  Intrepid, schr, cartel  
ARAB LM. Schr. 333 T. 105, 27.6, B: Somerset Co. Md. 1812. 40 M. 1—12pd, 4-9pd car. C: Daniel Fitch, L: Thos. Parker, 0: Andrew Clopper, Amos A. Williams, Cumberland D. Williams, & Geo. Williams, Com. 3/24/13. Taken in Rappahannock along with Lynx, Racer, & Dolphin by boats of English squadron 4/3/13.

ARGO LM. Schr. 154 T. 29 M. 2 long 6s, 2-6pd car. C: Philip Rider, L: Matthew Smith, 0: Thomas Shepherd, Nicholas Stansbury, James Curtis, Geo. Williams, Jas. W. McCulloch, Richard Gill, Wm. Gill, Lyde Goodwin, & Dennis A. Smith. Com. 9/24/13. Sold in Philadelphia summer 1814.

ATALANTA LM. Schr. 142 T. 82, 22.5, 8.10, B: Talbot Co. Md.18ir. 12 M. 4-4pds, C: Caleb Robinson, L: (? ) 0: Thos. Calwell & Zeb. Snow, Com. 8/26/12 ( Charleston) C: Isiah Snow, L: Jas. Hall, 0: Thos. Calwell & John McFadon. Com. 12/17/12. Taken in Lynnhaven Bay, December, 1813.

BALTIMORE LM. Schr. 226 T. 97, 24.6, 10.8, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1810. 33 M, 4-4pds, 4-4pd car. C: Edw. Veasey, L: Chas. Coleman, 0: Peter Arnold Karthaus. Com. 8/26/12. Taken off Santander 10/7/12

  Point shares, brig, Baltimore  
BONA P. Schr. 112 T. 76.6, 19.7, 8.5, B: Balto. 1809, 70 M. 4-12pd car, 1 long 9, C: John Dameron, L: A. G. Askew, 0: John Gooding, Jas. Williams, Chas. Kalkman, Michael McBlair, John Hollins, Wm. Hollins, Wm. T. Graham, & Geo. J. Brown. Com. 7/18/12. LM. 1 long 9, C: Dam­ eron, L: Allen Fiske, 0: John Gooding, Jas. Williams. Com. 1/7/13. Taken in Chesapeake 3/12/13.

LM. Schr. 282 T. 101, 25.6, 12.3, B: Balto. 1812, 37 M. 2 long 8s, 6-12pd car. C: Wm. Furlong, L: Francis Brunelot, 0: Peter Arnold Karthaus, Com. 2/19/13. LM. 34 M. 1 long 12, 8--12pd car. C: Geo. Lee, L: John Power, 0: Geo. P. Stephenson, Karthaus, Ferdinand Hurxthal, John Randall, Com. 11/19/13. Taken off Delaware Bay, 1/28/14.

BRUTUS LM. Schr. 231 T. 96.6, 24, 10.9, B: Dorchester Co. Md. 1812. 50 M. 2 long 18s, 1 long 12, 4-12pd car. C: James Forbes, L: John Stephenson, 0: Thos. Kemp. Com. 10/21/12. Sold in Boston, September, 1814.



  brig, ransomed $5,000  
BURROWS LM. Schr. 147 T. 86, 20.6, 9.3, B: Balto. 1813. 26 M. 1 long 12, C: Jos. Gold, L: Francis Gatchaire, 0: Lyde Goodwin, Geo. P. Stephenson, Wm. T. Graham. James W. McCulloch, John N. D'Arcy, Henry Didier, Jr., & Geo. Williams. Com. 9/18/13. Sold in New York and later commissioned from there under Captain Henry C. Lavans.

CAROLINE P. Schr. 129 T. 78, 21.2, 8.11, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1809. 72 M. 5 long 4s, 4 long 6s, 1 long 12. C: Jos. Almeda, L: John Greenwell, 0: Charles Kalkman, Thos. Shepherd, Luke Kiersted, Joseph Despeaux, Almeda, Wm. Inloes, Jas. Ramsey, Thos. Cockrill, Rbt. Armstrong & Wm. Vance. Com. 10/27/13. P. 5 G. C: Job West, Com. 9/25/14 ( Charleston? ).

  (Almeda)-24 Drake, brig, ransomed
  Abel, brig, N.C. Elizabeth , brig, Charleston
  Carlscrona, schr, Charleston (US) Experience, brig, aground
  Criterion, brig, Stonington (US) Fanny, schr, sent in
  Jasper, schr, Georgetown Jason, schr, burnt
  Joachim, barque, cleared (West)-6
  Mariner, schr, cartel Eliza, sloop, sunk
  Osiris, sloop, sent in (Lic) brig, Elizabeth City brig, burnt Industry, schr, sent in
  10 vessels (unidentified Maria, schr, cartel
    Peggy, schr, cartel
    Stephen, brig, cartel schr, sent in
CASHIER LM. Schr. 295 T. 105, 25.6, 12.2, B: Balto. 1812, 36 M. 2 long 12s, 4-12pd car. C: Geo. Wilson, L: Wm. Stiles, 0: Geo. P. Stephenson & Gerrard Wilson. Com. 12/30/12. Taken 2/2/13 by HBMS Iris & HBMS Rein­deer.

CATCH-ME- IF-YOU-CAN Although she is listed as a Baltimore privateer by Emmons, there is little evidence to show she had a commission.
CHARLES LM. Schr. 283 T. 106, 25.3, 11.9, B: Balto. 1814, 28 M. 6-6pds, C: Wilson Jacobs, L: Francis Nayhill, 0: Christian Keller, Francis Foreman, & F. C. Graff. Com. 1/10/15.
CHASSEUR LM. Schr. 356 T. 115.6, 26.8, 12.9, B: Balto. 1812, 52 M. 2 long 12s, 8-12pd car. C: Pearl Durkee, L: John Ross, 0: John Hollins, John Smith Hollins & William Hollins, & Michael McBlair. Com. 2/23/13. Mutiny prevented voyage. P. 148 M. 6 long 12s, 8—12pd car. C: Wm. Wade, L: Chris. Bartling, 0: George J. Brown, John Clem, John Craig, Jesse Eichelberger, John Franciscus, Lyde Goodwin, John Smith Hollins, Ferdinand Hurxthal, Thos. Kemp, C. Newhouse, Wm. Penniman, C. Raborg, Nicholas Stansbury, Jeremiah Sullivan, Christian Keller, Francis Foreman, Thos. Shepherd. Com. 12/24/13, P. 150 M. 16 long 12s, C: Thos. Boyle, L: John Dieter, 0: Some of the same, plus Boyle. Com. 6/19/14 ( New York)
  (Wade)—11 (Boyle) —25
  Ann Maria, schr, burnt (Lic) Adventure, ship, retaken
  Britannia, brig, Beaufort Alert, brig, burnt
  Galatea, ship, New Bern Amicus, brig, sent in
  Harriet Elizabeth, schr, sent in Antelope, brig, retaken
  Joanna, polacre, burnt Atlantic , brig, retaken
  Lark, schr, retaken Carlbury, ship, retaken
  London Packet, ship, Hyannis Christiana, sloop, cartel
  Martha, sloop, cartel Commerce, brig, Charleston
  Melpomene, brig, Newport Corruna, ship, Wilmington
  Miranda, schr, burnt Eclipse, brig, New York
  William, schr, burnt (Lic) Elizabeth , schr, burnt
    Favourite, sloop, burnt
    Fox, schr, sent in
    Harmony, brig, cartel
    James, ship, sent in
    Marquis of Cornwallis, brig, cartel
    Martin, ketch, burnt
    Mary, schr, sunk
    Mary & Susan, ship, Savanah
    Prudence, brig, burnt
    Reindeer, brig, sent in
    Speculator, brig, cartel
    St. Lawrence, schr, HBM, sent in (US)
    Theodore, ship, retaken
CHESAPEAKE LM. Schr. 265 T. 103.6, 25, 7.5, B: Talbot Co. Md.

1812, 33 M. 1 long 18, 4-12pd car. C: Jos. Richardson, L: James McFadden, 0: Sam Harris, Com. 1/7/13. Taken off Nantes 10/26/13 by HBMS Hotspur, & HBMS Pyramus.
CHIPPEWA LM. Schr. 303 T. 45 M. 6— 12pds, C: Matthew Clark, L: John Hand, 0: Thos. Hutchins, Jr., Geo. J. Brown, John M. Stump & Gerrard Wilson. Com.1 /24/15
CLARA LM. Schr. 117 T. 79, 19.6, 8.6, B: Balto. 1813. 22 M. 4-6pds, C: Jas. Newman, L: John Stephens, 0: John Faulec, Com. 2/28/14. Taken at Little Egg Harbor by boats of HBMS Niemen 5/25/14.
CLIMAX LM. Schr. 144 T. 82, 20.10, 9.6, B: Balto. 1812, 15 M. 4-6pds, C: Wm. Graham, 0: George Stiles. Com. 11/21/12. LM. 20 M. same guns, C: Rbt. Hamilton, 0: Stiles. Taken by HBM brig Moselle off Havana, 4/6/14, retaken by Balto. privateer Amelia.
COMET P. Schr. 187 T. 90.6, 23.3, 10, B: Balto. 1810. 110 M. 2 long 9s, 10—12pd car. C: Thos. Boyle, L: Thos. Ring, 0: Thorndike Chase, Elie Clagett, Levi Clagett, Andrew Clopper, Peter A. Karthaus, Christian Keller, Levi Hollingsworth, Thos. Shepherd, Jeremiah Sullivan, Francis Foreman. Com. 7/10/12. P. 100 M. 2 long 9s, 12-12pd car. C: Boyle, L: Clement Cathell, 0: Same plus Boyle. Com. 11/12/12. Comet sold at Charleston 12/5/14 to New York owners.
  (Boyle) 35  
  Adelphi, ship, retaken Industry, ship, Wilmington
  Alexis, brig, retaken Industry, sloop, burnt
  Bowes, brig, retaken Jackman, schr, cartel
  Dominica Packet, brig, retaken Jane, schr, retaken
  Endeavor, sloop, destroyed (Cmp) John, ship, Baltimore
  Enterprise, brig, ransomed Little Cherub, sloop, given up
  Enterprise, schr, sunk Mary, sloop, foundered
  General Spooner, sloop, retaken Messenger, schr, Wilmington
  General Wale, sloop, retaken St. John, schr, ransomed
  Hannah, brig, ransomed Venus, schr, sent in
  Henry, ship, Baltimore Vigilant, schr tender, Wilmington
  Hopewell, ship, Baltimore vessel, Puerto Rico 9 vessels, burnt
  Industry, schr, sent in (US)  
COMMODORE DECATUR Although listed by Emmons and Coggeshall there is no evidence that she had a commission.
CONTRADICTION LM. Schr. 103 T. 67.4, 22, 8.3, B: Dorchester Co. Md. 1811. 10 M. 1-9pd, C: Peter Pascal, L: Wm. Higginbothom, 0: John Randall, Com. 7/22/12.
CORA LM. Schr. 258 T. 102, 24.5, 7.6, B: Balto. 1812. 40 M. 2-12pd car. 6-9pds, C: Jos. Gold, L: Richard P. Weathers, 0: John A. Morton. Com. 7/16/12. Taken in Chesapeake by boats of blockading squadron 2/14/13.
  Bloodhound, brig, HBM, restored  
COSSACK LM. Brig 8 guns, C: J. Nash. Evidence seems to indicate she was out of Boston.
COURIER LM. Schr. 251 T. 98.6, 24.10, 11.6, B: Balto. 1812, 35 M. 6-12pd car. C: Robt. Davis, L: John Way, 0: John Gooding, Wm. T. Graham, Jas. Williams. Com. 9/29/12. Taken 3/14/13 off Nantes by HBMS Andromache.
CROGHAN LM. Schr. 132 T. 82, 20.6, 8.10, B: Balto. 1814. 16 M. 2-6pds, C: James Curtis, L: Wanton Gortin, 0: Thos. Shepherd, Jas. Curtis, Nicholas Stansbury & Lyde Goodwin, COM. 11/30/14.
DAEDALUS LM. Schr. 136 T. 79.6, 21, 9.3, B: Balto. 1813. 20 M. 2 G. C: John R. Myrick, L: Sam Nicholls, 0: Geo. P. Stephenson, Com. 7/11/12 ( New York). LM. 19 M. 1 long 9, 1 long 6, C: Wm. Spear, L: Wm. Cathell, 0: Wm. Spear, John Hanna, Wm. Price. Com. 9/25/13. Apparently also commissioned about 7/1/14 at New York with Myrick as C. Taken off Delaware Bay 9/30/14 by HBMS Niemen
DASH P. 40 M. 1 G. C: Carroway. Commissioned early in July, 1812, at Norfolk, this vessel was owned there.
DECATUR LM. Schr. 248 T. 99.6, 27, 10.6, B: Somerset Co. Md. 1811. 23 M. 4-12pds, C: Thos. N. Lane, L: Henry Graham, 0: Richard H. Douglass, Wm. Douglass & Cumberland D. Williams. Com. 3/1/13. LM. C: Geo. Montgomery, L: Moses Bears, 0: Richard Douglass. Corn. 2/2/14.
  ( Montgomery)—1  
  William, brig, Elizabeth City  
DELILLE LM. Schr. 189 T. 91, 22.1, 10.6, B: Dorchester Co. Md. 1812. 20 M. 3 long 6s, C: James Taylor, L: Jos. Marchant, 0: John N. D'Arcy & Henry Didier, Jr., Com. 12/10/12. LM. 4 G. C: Moses Bears, L: Ebenezer Clinton, 0: Same with J. K. Hamilton & John J. Palmer. Com. 1/9/13 ( New York) LM: Same M (? ) Same G (? ) C: J. D. Daniels, L: (? ) 0: Same, Com. early 1814.

  Bonita, sloop, burnt Mary, sloop, given up
  Egbert, brig, retaken Surprise, brig, LM. retaken
  Hebe, schr, destroyed  
DIAMOND LM. Schr. 319 T. 109,26, 12.6, B: Balto. 1813, 50 M. 8-6pds, C: W. Davidson, L: Jeffrey Farrell, 0: Andrew Clopper, Henry Fulford & Amos A. Williams. Com. 12/13/13. LM. C: Matthew Kelly, L: John Gavet, 0: Same with Henry Holden & John McKim, Jr., Com. 7/11/14 ( New York).
  Lord Wellington, brig, given up (Expedition)  
  Two Friends, schr, sent in (US)  
DOLPHIN P. Schr. 161 T. 100 M. 2 long 9s, 10 —I2pd car. C: Wm. J. Stafford, L: Jas. Dooly, 0: John Hollins, John Smith Hollins, Michael McBlair, Lemuel Taylor, Sam. Smith & Jas. A. Buchanan. Com. 7/11/12. Taken by boats of English blockading squadron in Rappahannock with Arab, Lynx, & Racer 4/3/13.
  Fanny, schr, Baltimore James, schr, Baltimore
  Francis, schr, LM, Baltimore Three Brothers, brig, sent in.
  Hebe, ship, retaken 6 schrs (coasters), destroyed
  India, brig, burnt  
EAGLE LM. Schr. 108 T. 12 M. 1 long 9, C: J. D. Daniels, L: Stephen Robinson, 0: John Randall. Com. 7/10/12 .
ELEANOR LM. Schr. 183 T. 24 M. 2 long 9s, 4 long 6s, C: Wm. Graham, L: Geo. W. Kirk, 0: John Donnell, Com. 10/1/I2. Lost at sea about 10/17/12.
ELIZA LM. Schr. 272 T. 102.6, 25.1, 11.6, B: Queen Anne's Co. Md. 1813. 38 M. 4-4pds, 1-9pd, C: Thos. Wilson, L: Richard P. Weathers, 0: Gerrard Wilson & Wm. T. Graham. Com. 10/23/13. Taken and sent into Guernsey by privateer Vittoria .
  ( Wilson)—1  
  brig, Wilmington  
ENGINEER LM. Schr. 216 T. 97.6, 24.10, 10, B: Talbot Co. Md. 181I, 32 M. 6-12pd car. C: James Dillingham, L: Walter Flinlet, 0: Peter Arnold Karthaus. Com. 10/3 I/I 2. Taken off Puerto Rico by HBMS Barrosa 9/21/14 .
EUTAW LM. Schr. 330 T. 108, 27, 12.8, B: Balto. 1815. 34 M. 4—18pd car. C: Jos. Dawson, L: John Fenton, 0: John Price. Com. 1/25/15.
EXPEDITION LM. Schr. 338 T. 110, 27.6, 12.6, B: Balto. 1812. 43M. 6—12pd car. 2 long 4s, C: Chas. Weems, L: Daniel Dickerson, 0: John Carrere, Com. 10/I9/12. P. 14 G. C: James Chaytor, L: Dickerson, 0: same, Corn. 7/19/13 ( Providence). Sold to new owners at New Orleans, Com. 9/ 23/ 14 ( New Orleans) C: Chaytor.
  Adeline, schr, New York burnt (US) Lord Wellington, brig, burnt
  Eliza Ann, brig Louisa, schr, Newport
  Halifax & Sally, brig, sent in Swift, schr, sent in
    brig, burnt
EXPERIMENT LM. Schr. 131 T. 16 M. 6-9pd car. C: Philip Rider, L: P. Squire, 0: Thos. Shepherd. Com. 8/3/12. Taken off Spain by HBMS Rover 10/ 21/12.
EXPRESS LM. Schr. 180 T. 68.1, 20.6, 7.6, B: Sussex Co. Del. 1812, 26 M. 4-9pd car. C: Wm. Richardson, L: Geo. G. Bundick, 0: Charles Kalkman, Michael McBlair, John Hollins, Jas. Williams, Com. 7/27/12. LM. 26 M. 4-6pd car. C: David Monsarat, L: Wm. Moore, 0: John Hollins, John Smith Hollins, McBlair & Williams. Com . 4/7/ 1 3.
FAIRY P. Schr. 26o T. 102.6, 25.3, 11.2, B: St. Michaels, Md. 1813. 120 M. 1 long 18,1 long 12, 4-9pds, 4-6pds, C: Philip Dickinson, L: Nathan Eels, 0: Charles Kalkman, Luke Kiersted, James Piper, John Randall, Jas. Ramsey, Philip Dickinson, Martin F. Mahir, John McFadon. Com. 2/17/14.
  ( Dickinson)-6  
  Active, sloop, burnt William, sloop, cartel
  Martha, schr, Wilmington schr, New York
  Mary Ann, sloop, sent in brig, sent in
FALCON Schr. 172 T. 88, 23.4, 9.6, Matthews Co. Va. 1810. 19 M. 4 G. C: Geo. Wilson. The Falcon had no commission, having sailed from Baltimore for France several months before the war began, but was captured, after a valiant resistance, by an English privateer and taken into Guernsey.
FATHER AND SON LM. Ship. 269 T. 87, 25, B: Balto. 1812. 35 M. 1—12pd, 6-6pds, C: Wilson Jacobs, L: John McGinnis, 0: Joseph Despeaux, Com. 2/11/13.
FEMALE LM. Brig. 197 T. 89, 24, 10.6, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1807, 23 M. 2 long 6s, 2-6pd car. C: Samuel C. Child, L: Henry Child, 0: John N. D'Arcy, Henry Didier, Jr., Luke Tiernan, Kennedy Owen. Com. 2/20/13. Sold to Spaniards at Santiago, Cuba, 2/1/14.
FLIGHT LM. Schr. 260 T. 103.6, 24.9, 11.8, B: Balto. 1812. 30 M. 6-6pds, C: Matthew Kelly, L: John Young, 0: Henry Holden, Thos. Kemp, Matthew Kelly & Geo. Williams. Com. 10/15/12. Grounded on Horseshoe 4/11/13 and taken by blockading squadron in Chesapeake.
FOX P. Schr. 162 T. I20 M. 2 long I2S, 6-12pd car. C: Nicholas Vial, L: John Jacques Bonne, 0: Cornelius Specht, Corn. 3/13/13, 9/18/13. Fox was sold at New Orleans in 1814 and captured 1/7/15 by HBMS Barbados,
  (Vial)-7 schr, cartel
  Edward, schr, Folly Landing schr, cartel
  Lapwing, brig, PO. retaken 3 vessels (unidentified)
GALLANT HULL Federal Gazette (Balto) reports 1/24/155 a Baltimore Letter of Marque of this name taken by HBMS Barrosa and HBMS Barbados near St. Barts. No other reference to her has been found.
GARONNE LM. Schr. 203 T. 92, 23.8, 10.6, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1812. 25 M. 4-12pd car., 2 long 6s, C: Jos. Bounds, L: Wm. Neilson, 0: Joel Vickers & Frederick Waesche. Com. 11/10/12.
GENERAL PIKE P. Lugger, 25 T. 50 M. 1 G. C: Wm. Riker, L: 0. M. Ferris, 0: Wm. Riker, Com. 9/20/13 ( New York).
  (Riker)— 1  
  Mermaid, ship, Damariscotta, Me.  
GLOBE P. Schr. 180 T. 96, 23, 9.1, B: Matthews Co. Va. 1809. 90 M. 1 long 9, 6-9pd car. C: John Murphy, L: Dan Fitch, 0: Andrew Clopper, Levi Hollingsworth, John McKim, Jr., Amos A. Williams. Com. 7/11/12. P. 80 M.2 long 9s, 6-9pd car. C: Richard Moon, L: Edward Dew, 0: same. Com. 1/6/13. P.100 M. 8-12pd car. 1 long 9, C: Moon, L: John Harrison, 0: same. Com. probably summer 1814.
  (Murphy)-3 (Moon)— 11
  Ann, schr, Baltimore Bellona, brig, condemned Cuba
  Boyd, ship, LM. Philadelphia Endeavor, schr
  Sir Simon Clark, ship, Norfolk Elizabeth , schr, burnt
    Hannah, ship, sent in
    Henry, brig, retaken
    Hero, brig, sent in
    Kingston Packet, brig, Ocracoke
    Mary & Matilda, brig, given up.
    Old Friend, brig
    Pelham, ship, burnt
    Venus, ship, Beaufort, NC.
GOVERNOR SHELBY LM. Schr. 184 T. 87, 24.2, 10.1, B: Queen Anne's Co. Md. 1812. 11M. 3-4pds, C: John H. Holmes, L: James Robertson, 0: Nicholas Stansbury, R. Denny, Jas. Corner, Levin Hall, Jas. Johnson, Chas. Malloy, Baptiste Mezick, Com. 12/11/13. Taken by HBMS Narcissus 7/2 I / I 4.
GRAMPUS LM. Schr. 284 T. 106, 25.6, 11.8, B: Balto. 1812, 40 M. 6-9pd car. C: John Murphy, L: Thos. A. Bass, 0: Amos A. Williams, Cumberland D. Williams, Levi Hollingsworth, Henry Fulford, Andrew Clopper, Com. 2/12/13. P. 100 M. 12 G. C: same, L: same, 0: same. Corn. 6/12/14. Sold about 12/21/14 to United States and became USS Spitfire.
  Catherine & William, brig, lost at sea Eclipse, brig, sent in
  Ceres, brig, burnt Expedition, ketch, New York
  Doris , brig, transport, Marblehead Speculator, brig, divested, given up
  Dry Harbor , schr, sent in brig, burnt
GRECIAN LM. Schr. 228 T. 99.6, 24.2, 10.7, B: Balto. 1812. 27 M. 2 long 4s, 2 long 6s. C: James Phillips, L: Geo. Downing, 0: Isaac McKim. Com. 12/7/13. LM. 27 M. 4 G. C: Knapp. L: (? ) 0: Same. Cut out of East River, in Chesapeake , by boats of HBMS Jaseur 5/2/14.
HALCYON LM. Schr. 64 T. 63.9, 19, 6.6, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1812. 5 M. 1-4 pd, C: Geo. Weems, L: J. S. Deale, 0: Geo. Weems, Com. 1/1/13. Taken in Chesapeake about 9/25/13 by blockading squadron, later ransomed.
HARPY P. Schr. 347 T. 110 M. G (12s & 9s) C: Alex. P. Griggs, L: Rogers, 0: John N. D'Arcy, Henry Didier, Jr., John J. Palmer & J. K. Hamilton, Com. 4/12/14 ( New York ) P. Brig. 100 M. 14 G. C: Wm. Nichols, L: Jackson, 0: Same, Com. 10/1/14 ( Portsmouth, N.H.).
  (Griggs)-9 (Nichols)-8
  Alfred, ship, southern port Garland , ship, sent in
  Amazon, ship, transport, sent in James, ship
  Antonia, ship, southern port Jane, ship, cartel
  Bridges, ship, transport, sent in. Jane, ship, burnt
  Britannia, schr, burnt Louisa, brig, sent in
  Halifax Packet, brig, Portsmouth. Nine Sisters, schr, burnt
  Mary, brig, sent in William, brig, cartel
  Princess Elizabeth, brig, PO, ransomed. William & Alfred, ship, sent in.
  St. Lawrence, ship, sent in.  
HARRISON LM. Schr. 213 T. 93, 24, 10.9, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1812. 29 M. 1-12pd, 2-6pds, C: Herman Perry, L: Wm. H. Crosdale, 0: L. G. Griffith, John N. D'Arcy, Henry Didier, Jr., Dennis A. Smith, Fred. W. Brune, Bernard I. Von Kapff, Christian Keller, John J. Palmer, J. K. Hamilton & T. Forman, Com. 12/14/13. P. 80 M. 12 G. C: James Taylor, L: J. H. Stevens, 0: Same, Com. 11 /4/ 1 4.
  (Perry)-6 ( Taylor)-3
  John Duncan, schr, divested, sunk John, brig, burnt, (US)
  Julia, ship, divested, given up. brig, ransomed
  Louisa, schr, destroyed schr, given up
  Mary, ship, sent in  
  Mary Ann, brig, divested, given up  
  0ctavia, schr, southern port  
HERALD Balto. American 1 / 31 / 13 refers to her as an LM of that port, commissioned France by Joel Barlow, U.S. Minister. No other reference to her.
HERON C: Miller. Nothing to show Baltimore connection. Single reference to her name shows nothing.
HIGHFLYER P. Schr. 138 T. 85, 20.9, 8.9, B: Dorchester Co. Md. 1811, 85 M. 6 long 9s. C: John Gavet, L: Leonard Hall, 0: Thos. Tenant, Jos. Patterson, Arch Kerr, Christopher Deshon & Andrew Clopper, Com. 7/11/1 2. P. 85 M. 1 long 12, 4-9pd car. C: Jeremiah Grant, L: Hamilton Sellers, 0: Tenant, Jos. & Rbt. Patterson, Com. 10/6/12. Taken 12/24/12 by HBMS Acasta & HBMS Poictiers, retaken 9/23/13 by USS President.
  (Gavet)-4 (Grant)-9
  Diana, barque, Savannah Active, brig, Charleston
  Harriet, schr. Baltimore Burchall, schr, Baltimore
  Jamaica , ship, Baltimore Fernando, brig, retaken
  Mary & Ann, ship, Charleston Porgy, brig, Baltimore
    schr, cartel
    4 schrs, small, burnt
HOLLINS LM. Schr. 220 T. 93.6, 24.6, 11, B: Balto. 1813. 35 M. 6-9pd car. C: Plummer Southcomb, L: Aquila Scott, 0: John Hollins, John Smith Hollins, Michael McBlair & Geo. P. Stephenson, Com. 12/11/13. P. C: Moss J. Stockett, 0: Same. Com. 12/27/14.
  Ben-Boyel, schr, sunk Dispatch, schr, sent in
  Betsy, sloop, given up Hercules, ship, retaken
HORNET P. Schr. 73 T. 64, 16.9, 7.8, B: Balto. 1812. 50 M. 1 long 9, C: Thos. Frost, L: Thos. Anderson, 0: Hugh Davey, Nicholas Stansbury, Thos. Shepherd, Com. 7/17/12. Chased ashore below Cape Henry 9/1/12 and bilged.
HUSSAR LM. Schr. 211 T. 96, 24, 10.3, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1812. 30 M. 2 long 6s, 4 -12pd car. C: Joshua Mezick, L: John Hall, 0: John Hollins, John Smith Hollins, & William Hollins, & Michael McBlair, Com. 10/31/12. LM. 40 M. 6 G. C: Tom Manning, L: Same, 0: Same, Corn. 7/17/13. LM. 40 M. 6 G. C: Joshua Mezick, L: Same, 0: Same, Com. 11/3/13. P. 100 M. 9 G. C: Francis Jenkins, L: Morrison, 0: Same, Com. 5/17/14. Taken off New York by HBMS Saturn, 5/18/14.
INCA LM. Schr. 230 T. 97, 24.6, 10.10, B: Balto. 1807. 35 M. 6-12pd car. C: Alex. Thompson, L: Alex. P. Griggs, 0: James Williams, Amos A. Williams, John Gooding, Levi Hollingsworth, Wm. T. Graham, Com. 8/13/12. LM. 32 M. 6 G. C: Alex P. Griggs, L: Wm. R. Patton, 0: Same, Com. 10/ 2/13. Chased ashore Cape Romain Shoal 11/2/13 by HBM brigs Recruit & Dotterell, total loss.
JAVA LM. Schr. 153 T. 83, 22, 9.6, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1814. 20 M. 5-6pds, C: Thos. Lane, L: Albert P. DeValangin, 0: P. A. Karthaus, Com. 12/16/14.
JOSEPH AND MARY P. Schr. 139 T. 81.6, 22, 9.10, B: Queen Anne's Co. Md. 1810. C: Wm. Wescott, L: Reeves Spalding, 0: Charles & John Diffendaffer, Thos. Rutter, Jos. Almeda, Wm. Wescott, John W. Glenn, Benj. Hodges, Wm. Lansdale, Andrew Myer, Jacob C. & Ralph Smith, Jas. & Wm. Bosley, Wm. Hays, John Franciscus, Wm. Flannigan & Jos. Watts, Com. 9/12/12. Captured off Cuba 11/25/12 by boats of HBMS Narcissus
  (Westcott)— 2  
  Piscataqua, ship, bilged ( US)  
  schr. sold Haiti  
KEMP LM. Schr. 228 T. 100, 25.2 10.6, B: Balto. 1810. 36 M. 6-9pd car. C: Wm. Burton, L: James Robertson, 0: John A. Morton, Richard H. Douglass & Thos. Lewis, Com. 7/16/12. LM. 41 M. 2-6pds, 4-9pd car. C: Wilson Jacobs, L: John McGinnis, 0: John A. Morton, Com. 4/7/13. P. I00 M. 4 long 9s, 2-6s, C: Joseph Almeda, L: Myers, 0: P. A. Karthaus, Com. 11/22/14 (Wilmington).
  ( Jacobs)-5 (Almeda)—11
  Betsy & Mary, brig, burnt Lady Mary Pelham, brig, PO, Wilmington
  Caledonia, brig, $3,000 out, freed. Ottawa, ship, retaken
  Calypso, ship, Swede, divested, freed Portsea, brig, Charleston
  Louisa, brig, Elizabeth City Princess, ship, Charleston
  New Frederick, brig, given up. P. W. Mynes, sloop, ransomed.
    Resolution, schr, Baltimore
    Rosella, ship, grounded
    S. B., brig, sent in
    Yankee Lass, schr, lost (US)
    brig, released
    schr, Haiti
LAWRENCE P. Schr. 259 T. 102, 25, 11.4, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1813. 120 M. 1 long 12, 8-18pd car. C: Edw. Veasey, L: John Cock, 0: Richard H. Douglass, James Bosley, Bill Smith, Geo. P. Stephenson, Joel Vickers, Wm. T. Graham, Charles Gwinn, John Smith Hollins & Justice Hoppe. Corn. 2/26/14. P. 120 M. 14 G. C: Edw. Veasey, L: Ralph Young, 0: Same, Com. 9/21/14.
  Ann, brig, retaken Edward, brig, cartel
  Atalanta, schr, burnt Eliza & Peggy, cutter, cartel.
  Athill, brig, sent to Brest Fair Play, sloop, retaken
  Canada , brig, Wilmington Fanny, schr, wrecked
  Ceres, brig, Portland Good Intent, brig, burnt
  Christian, brig, burnt Hope, brig, sent in
  Commerce, ship, Portland Lion, brig, Portland
  Dart, cutter, burnt Ontario , ship, retaken (US)
  Duke of York, schr, burnt Pelican, brig
  Eagle, brig, retaken Peter, brig, Beaufort, NC
  Edward, brig, sent in William, brig, North Carolina.
LEO LM. Schr. 278 T. 103, 25.8, 11.9, B: Balto. 1812. 40 M. 4-6pds, C: J. Hewes, L: Jas. N. Martin, 0: Thos. Lewis, Com. 11/30/12. Mr. Lewis resided in Paris. Hewes took the Leo to France where a new commission was issued and she sailed as a privateer under Geo. Coggeshall, and was captured off the Tagus River by HBMS Granicus, 12 /2 / 14
LEONIDAS LM. Schr. 135 T. 83, 19.11, 9.1, B: Balto. 1814. 19 M. 1—18pd, C: John Chase, L: Thos. M. Jenks, 0: Fred W. Brune, James Bosley, Henry Didier, Jr. & John N. D'Arcy, Com. 12/12 / 14.
LIBERTY P. Sloop. 55 T. 40 M. I-4pd, C: Walter Pratt, L: Jos. Barrere, 0: Lewis Hart & David Wilson, Com. 9/1/12 .
  (Pratt)-7 Nancy, ship, Baltimore (Lic)
  Dorcas, schr, divested, freed Reasonable, sloop, bilged
  Huzzar, schr, Savannah William, schr, Savannah
  Maria, schr, ransomed sloop, divested & freed
LOTTERY LM. Schr. 206 T. 94.6, 24.2, 10.2, B: Talbot Co. Md.1811. 30 M. 6-9pd car. C: John Southcomb, L: Thos. Baker, 0: Samuel Smith, John Hollins, Michael McBlair, James A. Buchanan, Com. 7/24/12. Taken in Lynnhaven Bay by boats of blockading squadron 2/8/13.
  Preston, brig, given up  
LYNX LM. Schr. 225 T. 97, 24.4 10.8, B: Balto. 1812. 35 M. 6—12pds, C: Elisha Taylor, L: Wm. Butler, 0: Amos A. & Jas. Williams, Levi Hollingsworth, Com. 7/16/12. Taken in Rappahannock 4/3/13 by boats of squadron with Dolphin, Arab, & Racer
MACEDONIAN LM. Schr. 252 T. 105, 24.6, 10.10, B: Dorchester Co. Md. 1813. 30 M. 2-12pds, 4-12pd car. C: John H. Davis, L: Morris Masseau, 0: Thos. Tenant, Com. 12/16/13. Macedonian sold about 10/1/14 to northern owners and operated as a successful privateer out of Salem.
  ( Davis)-1  
  Mary, schr, ransomed  
MAMMOTH P. Schr. 376 T. 112, 28.3, 13.4, B: Balto. 1813. 100 M. 10-9pds, C: Samuel Franklin, L: Thos. W. Jenks, 0: James A. Buchanan, John Gooding, Samuel Smith & James Williams. Com. 3/7/14. P. C: Jonathan Rowland 0:Same. Com. 1/4/15 (Portland, Me.). Largest privateer out of Baltimore.
  ( Franklin)-24  
  Alexander, brig, sent in Good Intent, schr, given up
  Anisby, ship, destroyed Joseph, brig, given up
  Ann & Eliza, destroyed Mary, barque, sent in
  Ansley, brig, destroyed Mentor , ship, transport, sent in.
  Britannia, brig, burnt Rapid, schr, burnt
  Camelion, brig, eastern port (US) Sarah, brig, burnt
  Champion, ship, $100,000 removed, cartel Sir Home Popham, brig, cartel
  Charlotte , brig, sent in Solus, brig, cartel
  Dobson, ship, burnt Thomas, schr, cartel
  Eliza, schr, given up Two Brothers, schr, cartel
  Farmer, sloop, sunk Uniza, brig, sent in
  Gesselhaft, galliot, given up Urania, ship, destroyed
MANLEUS LM. Schr. 244 T. 102, 24.4, 10.1 I, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1813. 40M. 6-12pd car. 1 —12pd, C: John Young, L: Alex. P. Griggs, 0: Thos. Tenant. Com. 12/23/14.
MARIA LM. Schr. 346 T. 110.6, 27.6, 12.9, B: Balto. 1813. 46 M. 6-12pd car. 2 long 12s, C: James Taylor, L: Wm. Shanks, 0: John N. D'Arcy, & Henry Didier, Jr. Com. 10/10/13.
MATCHLESS Federal Gazette reports a LM of this name, of Baltimore, was run ashore by English barges at Cape Henry 2/14/15 and taken. Only reference.
MIDAS LM. Schr. 265 T. 105, 24.8, 11.4, B: Balto. 1813. 35 M. 4-6pd car. 4 long 6s, C: Alex. Thompson, L: John Hand, 0: Alex. Thompson, John Gooding, John M. Stump & Jas. Williams. Com. 10/16/13. Made a privateering cruise fall of 1814. Com. Revoked 12/8/14.
  Apollodora, schr, sunk Francis, schr, burnt
  Astrea, brig, Savannah (Ultor) Good Intent, schr, Savannah (US)
  Dash, schr, pvt, Savannah Irwin, sloop, cartel
  East Gowen , schr, burnt Martha & Mary, schr, Savannah (US)
  Elizabeth & Jane, schr, Savannah ( US) Pizarro, ship, Savannah, restored
  Elsinore, brig, Savannah Stinger, schr, burnt
  Esperanza, brig, Savannah William, schr, cartel
  Eugene , schr, burnt  
MORO LM. Schr. 86 T. 73.7, 17.10, 7.4, B: (? ) 1813. 14 M. 1 long 18, C: Robt. Hamilton, L: Albert P. DeValangin, 0: Geo. Stiles, Com. 4/7/13.
NED LM. Schr. 278 T.102.6, 25, 12.1, B: Dorchester Co. Md. 1812. 40 M. 5-6pds, C: Jos. Dawson, L: James Stansbury, 0: Jas. & Wm. Bosley, Com. 10/10/12. LM. 40 M. 6 G. C: Wm. Hackett, L: Same, 0: Same with John J. Palmer & J. K. Hamilton. Com. 7/29/13 ( New York). Taken by squadron off Spain, 9/7/13.
  ( Dawson)-1  
  Malvina, brig, LM, Ocracoke  
NONSUCH P. Schr. 154 T. 110 M.12-12pd car. C: Henry Levely, L: John Hand, vice Wm. Butler, 0: Geo. Stiles, Com. 7/10/12 (letters of marque No.1 ). Sold to U.S. at Charleston 12/23/12 and became USS Nonsuch.
  Ann Maria, schr, lost Mary, schr, sent in (Lic)
  Eleanore Ann, retaken (Lic) Perseverance, schr, Charleston
  Fame, schr, Baltimore, restored ship, sent in
  Fame, schr, Savannah sloop, sent in
  Francis, brig, Charleston  
ORB LM. Schr. 175 T. 90, 22.10, 9.4, B: Balto. 1812. 20 M. 2-6pds, C: Robt. Hart, L: Thos. L. Bevans, 0: Thomas Shepherd, Arch Kerr, Dennis A. Smith, Henry Didier, Jr., John N. D'Arcy, Com. 12/7/13. LM. 22 M. 4-9pds, C: Herman Perry, L: Isiah Snow, 0: Smith, D'Arcy, Didier, John J. Palmer, J. K. Hamilton & Jas. Williams, Com. 11/12 /14.
PATAPSCO LM. Schr. 259 T. 101, 25, 11.5, B: Balto. 1812. 40 M. 4-9pd car. 2 long 6s, C: J. M. Mortimer, L: Wm. Ross, 0: Andrew Clopper, Levi Hollingsworth, Amos A. Williams, Henry Fulford, Com. 9/17/12. LM. 35 M. Same G. C: Matthew Kelly, L: John Young, 0: Same with Matthew Kelly, Henry Holden & Geo. P. Stephenson. Com. 11/17/13. P. 100 M.10 G. C: Richard Moon, L: Walter Pratt, 0: Clopper, Williams, Hollingsworth, Stephenson & Fulford. Com. 6/4/14 (New York).
  Eliza, brig, grounded Maria, schr, Savannah
  Europa, brig, southern port schr, Sunbury
  (Probably took a number of others which were destroyed or retaken, but the records have not been found.)
PERRY LM. Schr. 140 T. 84, 20.6, 9.4, B: Balto. 1813. C: Hugh Davey, 0: Wm. Hollins, Com. 11/15/13 (? ) P. 78 M. 3 long 9s, 2-9pd car. C: John Coleman, L: James Hunter, 0: Hollins, Com. 4/1/14.
  Ballahou, schr, HBM, Wilmington Nancy, brig, cartel
  Fanny, schr, Wilmington (US) Rambler, schr, Wilinington
  Huntsman, schr, Wilmington, Del. Two Friends, brig, chased ashore.
  John, brig, Baltimore. brig, given up
  Mackey, schr, given up (Said to have burnt 7 vessels.)
PHAETON LM. Schr. 263 T. 97, 25.1, 12.2, B: Balto. 1812. 32 M. 6-4pds, 2 long 4s, C: John Webb, L: J. G. Schoolfield, 0: P. A. Guestier, Amos A. Williams, Levi Hollingsworth, Andrew Clopper, Henry Payson, Francis Foreman, Christian Keller, John J. Borie, John Laborde, Com. 9/19/12. LM. 48 M. Same G. C: J. M. Mortimer, L: Same, 0: Same, Com. 2/3/14 ( Charleston). Aground Ginger Key in Bahamas 2/8/14 bilged.
PHILAENI LM. Schr. 145 T. 80, 22.8, 8.2, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1811 . 20 M. 1 long 9, C: Wm. Willis, L: Martin Pembleton, 0: John N. D'Arcy, Henry Didier, Jr., Com. 4/2/13.
PIKE LM. Schr. 275 T. 105.6, 25, 11.7, B: Balto. 1813. 37 M. 1 long I2, 3 long 9s, 2-12pd car. C: Henry Bolton, L: Sam Harris, 0: P. A. Karthaus, Fred. Waesche, Joel Vickers & Ferdinand Hurxthal, Com. 11/2/13. P. 120 M. 1 long 9, 12 —12pd car. C: Hugh Davey, L: Jos. E. Smith, 0: Same, Com. 5/15/14. Chased ashore and captured on Tybee Shoals by HBM brig Primrose 8/24/14.
  Hope, schr, burnt Orient, brig, $ 10,000 removed, sunk
  Hope, schr, Saco Pickerel, schr, burnt
  Industrious Bee, schr, burnt Samuel Cummings,wrecked
  Jane, brig, cartel Venus, schr, burnt
  John, brig, burnt schr, cartel
  Lord Nelson, schr, burnt  
PILOT LM. Schr. 187 T. 94, 23.2, 9.7, B: Queen Anne's Co. Md. 1809. 24 M. 4-6pds, C: Matthew Clark, L: C. 0. Hardy, 0: James A. Buchanan, Lemuel Taylor & Samuel Smith, Com. 9/8/12. LM. 28 M. 6 G. C: Wm. J. Stafford, 0: Same, Com. 7/27/13 ( Bordeaux ? ) Taken by privateer Vittoria out of Guernsey 1/28/14.
  ( Stafford)-3 Mary Ann, brig, ransomed
  Lilly, schr, divested, given up. brig, sent to Bordeaux
PIONEER LM. Schr. 220 T. 91, 22.7, 9.7, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1810. 41 M. 1 long 9, 4-9pd car. C: Alex. Adams, L: John Nantes, 0: Christopher Deshon, Andrew Clopper, Levi Hollingsworth, Com. 3/27/13. Went ashore Egg Island 1/1/14 and bilged.
PRICE LM. Schr. 235 T. 35 M. 6 G. C: Enoch Staples, 0: John Hollins, John Smith Hollins, Michael McBlair, Com. 2/4/13 ( New York). Taken by HBMS Iris 4/13/13.
RACER LM. Schr. 230 T. 99.6, 24.4, 10.7, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1811. 30 M. 2 long 12s, 4-9pd car. C: Daniel Chaytor, L: Thos. West, 0: Geo. J. Brown, John G. Brown, Geo. P. Stephenson & Wm. Hollins, Com. 8/13/12. LM. C: West. Taken in Rappahannock with Arab, Dolphin, & Lynx by boats of the blockading squadron 4/3/13.
RAPID LM. Schr. 115 T. 77, 19.7, 8.7, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1813, 20 M. 1 long 9, C: James Frazier, L: Isaac Heartag, 0: John Hollins, John Smith Hollins, Michael McBlair, James Frazier, Com. 10/16/13. Taken off Havana by boats of HBMS Plantagenet 12/16/13
RESOLUTION LM. All authorities such as Emmons and Coggeshall list her as a Baltimore letter of marque
  schr, codfish,Charleston  
REVENGE P. Schr. 285 T. 102, 23, 12, B: Balto. 1812. 112 M. 1 long 9, 1 —18pd, 6-12pd car. C: Robert Miller, L: Alex. Beard, 0: Charles Kalkman, Wm. Price, Jas. Gwinn, Jacob C. Smith, Gerrard Wilson, Wm. Wilson, Martin Mahir, Sam. Hammell, John Jos. Lane, Hathaway, Luke Kiersted, Com. 9/26/12. P. 130 M. Same G. plus 2 long 6s, C: Job West, L: Geo. G. Bundick, 0: Kalkman, Price & Kiersted. COM. 3/18/13.
  (Miller) —1 Friendship, sloop
  Betsy, ship, Wilmington Manley, ship, Charleston
  (West)-9 Mary Ann, schr, burnt
  Alert, schr, destroyed New York , sloop, retaken
  Camilla, schr. Silena, brig, burnt
  Crown Prince, brig, Swede, Wilmington  
  Fanny, schr, Charleston  
ROLLA P. Schr. 117 T. 79, 20.2, 8.2, B: Balto. 1809, 80 M. 1 long 12, 6-6pd car. C: James Dooly, L: John Snow, 0: Christopher Deshon, John Hollins, Wm. Hollins, Michael McBlair, Jos. & Robt. Patterson, Com. 10/20/12. P. 80 M. 5 G. C: Geo. Fellows, L: Alex. P. Lattimer, 0: Same, Com. 12/10/13. Captured 1i8 hours out of Stonington by HBMS Loire 12/11/13.
  (Dooly) —10
  Apollo, ship, retaken Mary, ship, Newport
  Borroso, brig, Martha's Vineyard Rio Nuova, ship, New York
  David Green, schr, sold, Cuba (Lic) Swift, schr, burnt
  Eliza, ship, sent in schr, cartel
  George Prevost, New Orleans ship, sent in (US)
ROSSIE P. Schr. 206 T. 97.6, 23.6, 10, B: Balto. 1807. 100 M. 11 —12pd car. 1 long 9, C: Joshua Barney, L: Silvanus Long, 0: John McKim, Jr., Thos. Tenant, Robt. Patterson, Andrew Clopper, Levi Hollingsworth, Jas. Partridge,, Christopher Deshon, Jas. Briscoe, August & Frederick Schwaetse & Jeremiah Sullivan, Com. 7/11/12. LM. 35 M. 4-12pd car. 1 long 9, C: J. D. Daniels, L: James Stubbs, 0: John N. D'Arcy & Henry Didier, Jr. Com. 12/3/12. Taken in Basque Roads by squadron 1/6/13.
  Brothers, brig, cartel Kitty, ship, sent in
  Devonshire , brig, burnt Merrimack , ship, sent in (US)
  Euphrates, ship, New Bedford (US) Nymph, brig, Boston
  Fame, brig, burnt Princess Amelia, brig, PO, Savannah
  Halifax , schr, burnt Princess Royal, ship, burnt
  Henry, brig, sunk Race Horse, schr, sunk
  Hetty, ship, sent in Rebecca, brig, New London (US)
  Jane, ship, Newport Squid, schr, burnt
  Jenny, ship, Salem Two Brothers, schr, cartel
  Jubilee, schr, sent in (Cmp) William, brig, New York
SABINE LM. Schr. 337 T. 109.6, 27.4, 12.7, B: Balto. 1812. 44 M. 4-12pd car, 2 long 12s, C: James Barnes, L: Sam Franklin, 0: John Gooding, Jas. Williams, John Donnell, Com. 1/7/13. P. 100 M. 10 G. C: Jonathan Rowland, L: John Brown, 0: Jas. Williams, John Donnell, Lyde Goodwin, Jonathan Rowland, Henry Shelton. Com. 4/2/14 ( New York). Ran ashore going into Wilmington about 9/15/14.
  (Barnes)-6 (Rowland)-5
  Aaron, brig, sent in Albion , sent in
  Cortes, ship, St. Marys Avon
  Countess of Harcourt, ship, St. Marys Hero
  Firefly, brig, southern port Mary & Matilda, brig, given up.
  Flying Fish, cutter, southern port. Thames , sent in
  brig, burnt  
SARAH ANN P. Schr. 78 T. 65, 18.10, 6.10, B: St. Mary's Co. Md. 1811. 44 M. 1 long 9, C: Richard Moon, L: Thos. Greenway, 0: Dutton Williams, Jas. Ramsey, Chas. Malloy & John Craig, Com. 7/27/12. Taken by HBMS Statira in West Indies 9/13/1 2
  Elizabeth , ship, Charleston  
SARANAC P. Schr. 241 T. 100, 24, 11.2, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1813. 90 M. 10 —18pd car. C: Henry Dashiell, L: Geo. Lee, 0: Wm. T. Graham, Henry Didier, Jr., P. A. Karthaus, James Bosley, Nicholas Stansbury, Bernard I. VonKapff, Fred. W. Brune, Jesse Eichelberger, Ferdinand Hurxthal, John Craig, Luke Kiersted, Russell Killburn, Edw. McGrone, Com. 1/3/15
  (Dashiell)-5 schr, sunk
  George, schr, packet, cartel schr, mail boat, sunk
  schr, tender, to HBMS Dragon, sunk schr, mail boat, cartel
SATURN LM. Schr. 170 T. 84.6, 21.4, 10.7, B: Balto. 1814. 25 M. 4-12pds. C: Edw. McGrone, L: Geo. Beam, 0: James Williams, James Bosley, Henry Didier, Jr., John N. D'Arcy, Com. 1/7/15.
SHEPHERD LM. Schr. 134 T. 85, 21, 8.5, B: Matthews Co. Va. 1807. 18 M. 2 long 6s, 2 long 4s, C: Rbt. Hart. L: Thos. Bevans, 0: Wm. Taylor, Rbt. Hart, Jas. Williams. Com. 12/18/12. Taken off Cape St. Blare, 1/4/13 by HBMS Narcissus.
SIRO LM. Schr. 225 T. 99, 24.10, 10.3, B: Balto. 1812. 40 M. 6-12pd car. 4-18pd columbiads, C: David Gray, L: Thos. Parker, 0: Geo. Stiles, Com. 12/9/12, LM. 30 M. 12 G. C: Henry Levely, L: David Gray, 0: Same, Com. end 1813. Taken 1/1/14 by HBMS Pelican, re­ named Atalanta, retaken by USS Wasp 9/ 21/14.
  Loyal Sam, ship, retaken  
SPARROW P. Schr. 83 T. 69, 18.4, 7.6, B: Matthews Co. Va. 1811. 50 M. 1 long 9, 4 long 6s, C: Francis Burch, L: A. G. Askew, 0: Gerrard Wilson, Geo. P. Stephenson, Geo. J. Brown, John Hollins, John Smith Hollins, Wm. & Wm. S. Hollins, & Michael McBlair. Com. 10/3/1 2. LM. 16 M. 1 G. C: Ezekiel Hall, L: Daniel Chace, 0: Same. Com. 8/14/13 ( Providence). Run ashore at Long Branch N. J. by HBMS Plantagenet 11/3/13, retaken by US Flotilla under Commodore Lewis.
  Aimwell, ship, chased ashore Lord Wellington, brig, retaken
  Farmer, schr, divested, given up Meadow, schr, divested, up given up
SPARTAN LM. Schr. 189 T. 94, 23.7, 9.7, B: Dorchester Co. Md. 1812. 43 M. 1 long I2, 6—12pd car. C: John Gavet, L: John Ross, 0: Thos. Tenant, Com. 11/27/13.
SURPRISE P. Schr. 301 T. 110, 25.7, 11.10, B: St. Michaels Md. 1813. 120 M. 10-18pds, C: Clement Cathell, L: Wm. D. Williams, 0: John Hollins, John Smith Hollins, Michael McBlair, Jas. A. Buchanan, Sam. Smith, Lemuel Taylor, Gerrard Wilson, Com. 3/14/14. P. 130 M. 10-18pds. C: James Barnes, L: Sam. Barstow, 0: Same, Com. 8/16/14. P. 130 M. 10 G. C: Sam. Barstow, L: Skinner, 0: Same, Com. 11/8/14. Ran aground in storm at Manasquan 4/3/15.
  (Cathell)-12 Lively, brig, LM, burnt
  Argo, ship, Portland Milnes, ship, burnt
  Eagle, brig, cartel Polly, brig, burnt
  Fidelity, brig, burnt Prince Regent, schr, burnt
  Fortitude, brig, Union River, Mass. Queen Charlotte, brig, burnt.
  Fox, schr, cartel Sally, schr, burnt
  Hebe, ship, southern port Traveler, brig, cartel
  James & David, brig, given up. Wellington , brig, cartel
  Kutusoff, brig, Frankfort, Me. Willing Maid, brig, burnt
  Lively, schr, Salem Young William, ship, sent in.
  Margaret, brig, retaken 3 unidentified.
  Vivid, brig, retaken ( Barstow) — 10
  1 unidentified Cossack, brig, Boston
  (Barnes)-21 Forth, brig, burnt
  Albion, brig, New York Good Intent, divested, freed.
  Ann, schr, sunk Hazard, schr, burnt
  Caledonia , ship, Lucy Ann, schr, cartel
  Charlotte Ann, schr, Saco Mary, schr, sunk
  Doris, ship, burnt Nancy , schr, retaken
  Eliza, brig, cartel Sea Flower, schr, burnt
  Endeavor, brig, chased ashore. Star, ship, New York
  Handy Maid, brig, burnt schr. cartel
SWALLOW LM. Schr. 85 T. C: Isiah Snow, 0: (? ) Com. 7/1/14 (Southern port) LM. C: Wm. Bunce, 0: (? ) Com. 10/ /14 ( Charleston). Evidence indicates Baltimore ownership, but names not discovered.
SWIFT LM. Schr. 315 T. 110, 25.11, 12.2, B: Balto. 1815. 40 M. 6-18s. C: Wm. Reeves, L: Geo. Wells Kirk, 0: Geo. & Richard Douglass, Chas. Appleton, Jos. Karrick, Jas. Bosley, R. D. Mullikan, Geo. Williams, Wm. Wilson, Com. 1/27/15.
SYDNEY LM. Schr. 117 T. 73, 21.10 , 8.6, Anne Arundel Co. Md. 1812. 11 M. 1 long 6, 2-6pd car. C: Thos. Coward, L: Rbt. J. Lark, 0: Luke Kiersted, Jas. Bett, Jr. & M. McLaughlin. Com. 2/4/13. Taken off Old Point Comfort, Va. by boats of squadron 3/9/13.
SYLPH LM. Schr. 233 T. 98, 24.8, 10.10, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1812. 25 M. 6 long 6s. C: Wm. Reeves, L: Thos. Coleman, 0: Jonathan Hudson, Com. 10/28/ 12. LM. 45 M. 6 G. C: Daniel Chaytor, L: Francis Brunelot, 0: Same. Com. 11/22/13 ( New Bedford). LM. C: J. Parker, 0: (? ) Com. late 1814.
SYREN P. Schr. 189 T. 80 M. 4-12pd car. 2 long 9s. 1 long 12. C: J. D. Daniels, L: James Stubbs, 0: John N. D'Arcy & Henry Didier, Jr. Com. 6/4/14. Sailed New York. C: Stubbs, L: Allen. Both killed. Returned to New York. Taken out by Daniels early fall. She was run aground and lost at Cape May 11/22/14.
  (Daniels)-6 (Stubbs)-4
  Croce, brig, burnt Landrail, cutter, HBM, retaken
  Emulation, ship, abandoned Sir John Sherbroke, brig, grounded
  ship, destroyed brig, burnt
  ship, destroyed brig, cartel
  brig, burnt  
  schr, burnt  
TARTAR P. Schr. 276 T. 102.6, 25, 10, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1813. 47 M. 4—18pds, 6-9pds, C: Edw. Veasey, L: Alex Beard, 0: James & Wm. Bosley, Com. 12/7/13. Ran aground in snowstorm below Cape Henry 12/20/13, and captured.
THETIS LM. Schr. 198 T. 93.9, 23.6, 10.1, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1809. 23 M. 4-12pd car. 2-9pd car. C: Henry Bolton, L: Thos. Parker, 0: P. A. Karthaus, Henry Bolton, Thos. Parker. Com. 9/18/12.
TOM P. Schr. 286 T. 104.6, 25.10, 11.10, B: Balto. 1812. 140 M. 2 long 9s, 12—I 2pd car. C: Thos. Wilson, L: Thos. Parker, 0: Gerrard & Thos. Wilson, Jas. Williams, Lemuel Taylor, John McKim, Jr., John Hollins, Michael McBlair, John Gooding, Rbt. Patterson, Wm. Whann, Chris­ topher Deshon, Wm. T. Graham, Charles Kalkman, Wm. M. Johnson, Matthew Kelly, Luke Kiersted, Matthew Malloy, Andrew Clopper & John Jos. Lane. Com. 8/1/12. LM. 40 M. 5-12pd car. C: Thos. Wilson, L: Chas. Otis, 0: Jas. Williams, Gerrard Wilson, John Gooding, Com. 3/6/13. Taken on passage to Bordeaux by HBMS Lyra 4/27/13
  ( Wilson)-4  
  Braganza, ship, Baltimore Lucy & Abydia, brig, sent in (Cmp)
  Cassim, ship, sent in Townshend, brig, PO, ransomed (Cmp)
TOMAHAWK P. Schr. 202 T. 84 M. I-24pd, 8-9pd car. C: Philip Besson, L: Lewis Girdler, 0: William Hollins, Com. 1/11/15 ( Boston). Captured by HBMS Bulwark 1/22/15 two days out of Boston.
TORPEDO LM. Schr. 206 T. 95.6, 23.6, 10.3, B: Balto. 1813. 25 M. 6-6pds. C: Matthew Sherman, L: John Jones Barry, 0: Jos. & Wm. Patterson. Com. 1/25/15.
TRANSIT LM. Schr. 277 T. 103, 25.4 11.10, B: Balto. 1813. 42 M . 1 long 12, 4—I2pd car. C: Wm. Richardson, L: Thos. Parker, 0: Amos A. Williams, Andrew Clopper, Henry Fulford. Com. 11/15/13. Chartered to government as a dispatch vessel late 1814.
TUCKAHOE LM. Schr. 213 T. 95, 24.2, 10.5, B: Balto. 1813 . 40 M. 2 long 9s, 2 long 6s, 2-9pd car. C: Geo. Wilson, L: Jacob Razor, 0: Thos. Shepherd, Arch Kerr, Dennis A. Smith, John N. D'Arcy, Henry Didier, Jr. Com. 12/2/13. LM. 22 M. Same G. C: George Wilson, L: John Haskell, Jr., 0: John Hollins, Michael McBlair, Lyde Goodwin, Geo. P. Stephenson, Com. 9/7/14 ( Boston).
  ( Wilson)-3  
  Hazard, schr, given up  
  Sea Flower, schr, burnt ( US)  
  Twenty-sixth Day of October 1812, brig, retaken  
TYRO LM. Schr. 108 T. 72, 20.4, 8.6, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1812. 8 M. 2 long 4s. C: Thos. Coward, L: Girard Gorsuch, 0: Levin Hall, Baptiste Mezick, Chas. Malloy, James Johnson. Com. 9/1/12. LM. 10 M. 2 long 4s. C: Wm. Morgan, L: Wm. B. Travers, 0: Edw. Morgan, Levin Hall, John Gavet, James M. Lanahan. Com. 1/5/13. Taken off Virginia Capes by English blockading squadron 2/26/13.
ULTOR P. Xebec. 154 T. 77, 19.6, 7.6, B: Balto. 1813. 65 M. 2 long 12s, C: John Cock, L: James Matthews, 0: P. A. Guestier, Andrew Clopper, Richard & Wm. Gill, James W. McCulloch, Amos A. & Geo. Williams, Com. 9/30/13. P. Same G. C: James Matthews, L: (? ) 0: Same. Com. 1/6/14
  (Matthews) —33  
  Amity, schr, burnt Swift, brig, Wilmington
  Anne, ship, Baltimore Tickler, sloop, Wilmington
  Astrea, brig, retaken (finally Midas prize) Twins, sloop, given up
  Caledonia , schr, given up to passengers William, schr, given up
  Constitution, sloop, burnt boat with 8 seamen from squadron
  Favorite, brig, burnt 2 brigs, burnt
  Governor Bentick, schr, given up smack, taken to NewLondon (Lic)
  John, brig, burnt 2 schrs, burnt
  L'Esperance, schr, given up schr, cartel
  Lord Nelson, brig, burnt schr, burnt
  Maria Annabelle, brig, burnt sloop, cartel
  Marietta , brig, burnt sloop, given up
  Mohawk, brig, ransomed schr, given up
  Nancy , schr, burnt sloop, retaken
  Perseverance, schr, burnt schr, given up
  Robert, brig, Charleston  
VALONA LM. Schr. 157 T. 21 M. 4-6pds, C: Jas. Thomas, L: Crist Wrede, 0: Isaac McKim. Com. 9/8/12.
VENUS P. Brig. 190 T. 50 M. 6-12pd car. C: James Barnes, L: John Hill, 0: John Gooding, Com. 12/21/14 .
VIPER LM. Schr. 271 T. 104, 24.3, 11.6, B: Balto. 1812. 30 M. 4-6pds, 2 long 6s, C: Thos. N. Williams, L: Jos. Morgan, 0: John McFadon, Corn. 9/21/12.
VIDETTE LM. Brig. 261 T. 101, 25.4, 11.5, B: Balto. 1814. 14 M. 1—12pd car. 4-18pd car. C: Wm. Wade, L: Ezekiel Chamberlain, 0: John J. Palmer, J. K. Hamilton, Henry Didier, Jr., Bernard I. VonKapff, Fred W. Brune, Christian Keller, Thos. Shepherd, Francis Foreman, Henry Beatty. Com. 1/2/15.
VON HOLLEN LM. Schr. 203 T. 25 M. 6 G. C: Herman Perry, L: John Crandle, 0: Charles Kalkman, Com. I2/12/12 (New York ).
WASP P. Schr. 55 T. 59, 17.3, 6.3, B: Balto. 1810.40 M. 1 long 6, C: James Taylor, L: John M. White, 0: Nicholas Stansbury & John Snyder, Com. 7/11/12. P. Same crew and guns. C: Leonard Hall, L: D. Turner, 0: Henry & John Stickney, Leonard Hall, Elisha Beam, Thos. Ring, Stephen D. Turner, Thos. Kemp, Wm. Lovell, Sebastian Luther, John Jos. Lane, Geo. Mackenzie, Wm. Porter, John Barkman, John O'Connor, John Grosh, John Kipp, John Keys, Jas. Curtis, Sam. Patrick, Geo. Wolpert, Sol. G. Albers, Wm. McCleary, Jas. Cooper, Richard Smith. Com. 2/23/13. LM. 9 M. I-4pd. C: John H. Woods, L: Ed. A. Cooper, 0: John Jos. Lane, Rbt. White. Com. 5/30/14.
  ( Taylor)-4  
  Continencia, taken over by civil authorities, Charleston. Eyre Coote, schr, given up
  Dawson, schr, Savannah Minorca, schr, Savannah
WATER WITCH LM. Schr. 148 T. 16 M. 3-4pds, 1-3pd. C: Elijah K. Bangs, L: Wm. Smith. 0: James Pratt, G. L. & Jos. V. Tallman, Michael Brown. Com. 12/11/13.
WAVE LM. Schr. 119 T. 73.6, 21.8, 8.8, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1812. 9 M. 4-4pd car. C: Wm. Derrick, L: Jas. Cunningham. 0: Geo. J. Brown, Wm. S. Hollins, Geo. P. Stephenson. Com. 1/8/13. Taken in Chesapeake early 1813.
WHIG LM. Schr. 226 T. 102, 24, 10.3, B: Talbot Co. Md. 1812. 36 M. 1 long 9, 5-18pd car. C: Thos. Penrice, L: Wm. Hackett, 0: Russell Killburn, Lemuel Taylor, Wm. B. Buchanan. Com. 2/1/13. LM. 37 M. 6 G. C: Matthew Clark, L: Thos. Cooper, 0: Buchanan & Taylor, Com. 8/26/13 ( New York). P. 100 M. 8 G. C: Matthew Clark, L: Thos. Cooper, 0:Same. Com. 5/3/14 ,( New York). P. Brig. C: Jos. Skinner, 0: Lyde Goodwin & Geo. P. Stephenson. Com. 11/13/14.
  Sunflower, retaken Mars, brig, given up (Cmp)
  ( Clark)—10 Posteth Well, ship, burnt
  Alexander, schr, burnt Princess Mary, brig, destroyed. (said to have taken several,additional vessels, names not found)
  Britannia, schr, burnt (Skinner)-3
  Cornwallis, brig, given up (Cmp) Brunswick , brig, burnt
  Eliza, brig, cartel Enterprise , sloop, cartel
  Irish Miner, brig, cartel Race Horse, brig, burnt
  Jubilee, brig, cartel  
  London , ship, burnt  
YORK P. Schr. 316 T. 120 M. 4-12pd car. 10 long 9s. C: Enoch Staples, L: Frank Burch. 0: John Hollins, Michael Mc Blair, Robert White, Enoch Staples. Com. 2/26/14 ( New York ). P. 120 M. Same guns, C: Frank Burch, L: James Carnes, 0: John Hollins, John Smith Hollins, Michael McBlair, Com. 6/9/14 ( Boston). P. 130 M. 15 G. C: Wm. Davidson, L: Frank Burch, 0: Hollins, Hollins, McBlair. Com. 11/12/14 ( Boston).
  (Staples)-2 (Davidson)-1
  Diligence, schr, destroyed William, brig, sent in
  Grenada Packet, schr, burnt  
  Betsey, brig, Boston  
  Ceres, brig, cartel  
  Coromandel, ship, retaken  
  General Hunter, brig, burnt  
  Harvest, brig, sent in  
  Pilot Boat 4, cartel  
  Regulator, sloop, sent in (US)  
  Rover, brig, sent in  
  William, brig, sent in  
  Baltimore-owned vessels (in the strict sense)-126
  Letters of Marque-78  
  Vessels which were both- 21  
Baltimore Private Armed Vessels Lost
Chased Ashore
  Arab, LM Highflyer, P.
America , LM.
  Atalanta, LM Hussar, P.
Flight, LM.
  Baltimore, LM. Joseph & Mary, P.
Hornet, P.
  Bona, LM., Lottery, LM.
Inca, LM.
  Bordeaux Packet, LM. Lynx, LM.
Matchless, LM.
  Cashier, LM. Ned, LM.
Pike, P.
  Chesapeake , LM. Pilot, LM.
Sparrow, LM.
  Clara, LM. Price, LM.
Syren, P.
  Climax, LM. Racer, LM.  
  Cora, LM. Rapid, LM.  
  Courier, LM. Rolla, P.  
  Daedalus, LM. Rossie, LM.  
  Dolphin, P. Sarah Ann, P.
Lost at Sea
  Eliza, LM. Shepherd, LM.  
  Engineer, LM. Siro, LM. Eleanor, LM.
  Experiment, LM. Sydney, LM. Phaeton, LM.
  Gallant Hull, LM. Tom, LM. Pioneer, LM.
  Governor Shelby, LM. Tomahawk, P. Sabine, P.
  Grecian, LM. Tyro, LM. Surprise, P.
  Halcyon, LM. Wave, LM. Tartar, P.
  Burnt or Sunk
  Given up, Used as cartels
  Retaken, Lost at sea, Restored by court
  Arrived as prizes