Much work has already been published on the prisoner records and some compiled yet not published the position at the moment, March 2009, appears as below;


Harrison Scott Baker II, American Prisoners of War: held at Halifax during the War of 1812. 2 volumes

( Maryland: Heritage Books Inc., 2005)

Another two volumes covering Barbados, New Providence and Newfoundlandand Bermuda, Cape of Good Hope and Jamaica were published in 2007.

The amount of work and dedication which has been employed in compiling these volumes can’t be over estimated and they stand as a memorial to their author. They were all published on behalf of the Society of the War of 1812 12 Ohio of which the author was President 1996-1999.


The record of those held in the UK has been compiled by Ira Dye, who deserves no less praise, unfortunately his work still remains in the form of a computer printout held in the National archives at Kew, London.

He has covered Dartmoor, Chatham, Stapleton, Plymouth and Portsmouth.


Dartmoor has received more attention due to the massacre and the links below provide much information both on that and the project to restore the graves of the fallen.

Dennis Segelquist site gives in-depth information both on prisoners in general and the massacre in particular see page 1 and page 2.

I’ve included a list of “death certificates” for some of those who died including those killed during the massacre – however it does not cover all there appear to be 42 missing. It is worth checking as it provides further information on those who died or, in seven cases, escaped.

Nilesí Weekly Register for Saturday July 8, 1815 carries a report of the massacre.

The restoration project and records compiled by Ron Joy and Ira Dye

Dartmoor prison: Geographical location.